How to Put Together an Amazing Logo / Brand Vision Board

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You now understand why you have to put a board together, but not necessarily HOW to put one together. How many items is too much? How many items is too little?

The key to the perfect vision boarding is to only add things that you feel are representative to your brand. Not to you, or your family, or your Instagram, but to your brand and aesthetic. You might love a natural, cardboard look - but will your clients, your users?

Below are a few ways you can create the perfect vision board!

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Step One: Add fonts.

Fonts are always #1 when it comes to logo design. There are serif fonts, script fonts, block fonts, cursive fonts, and more - but sometimes clients don’t know how to describe them! I get “I like a really clean font” a LOT - but that means something different to everyone!

Step Two: Colors!

Colors are the easiest, and most fun, things to add! Seeing some reds that really jive? Add ‘em! Love the idea of turquoise? Do it! Don’t want any color? Show some great black/white logos! Speaking of….

Step Three: Add LOGOS!

The most helpful thing you can do is to add other logos you like. This does not mean I will steal, copy, or replicate them - but they serve as inspiration for types of styles and brands that you like! The more logos, the better - and if you add descriptors of why you like them, you get bonus points!

Step Four: Illustrations / iconography

Do you love icons or line weight items? Iconography can be used with your brand to really enhance the overall feel of your site, making it feel custom and very branded. Add things that seem like they might complement your main logo.

Step Five: Photography

Wait, what? Photography? But this is a branding exercise? You’d be surprised at how helpful photography can be when thinking of a brand as a whole! Your vision as a client matters, so show us what you like best - urban or rural? Nature or city life? Black and white or full of color?

After those five steps, your vision board is ready to go!