How to Give Great Feedback as a Client

Did we just work on a project together?

Did you just get a snazzy logo PDF and you’re unsure of how to respond?

This is for you!

Before the list, take time to think - but don’t forget your gut reaction. I always take about an hour to look at a different project altogether, and then come back to the task at hand with a fresh perspective.

  1. Don’t ask too many people for their opinion.
    The instinct for most clients is to ask a sibling, a significant other, coworkers, or friends for their opinions. The problem is, “a camel is a horse designed by committee.” While it’s great to get feedback, be sure to keep your aesthetic and brand goals as a priority. Best case scenario? You ask at most two people - a significant other and trusted advisor.

  2. Be clear and helpful.
    ”I don’t like it” is the worst piece of feedback a designer could receive. While it’s perfectly fine to not like a logo, designers need specific direction to take!
    ⇨ Instead of “I hate the color,” try “The colors are a bit dark - could we try a brighter palette?”
    ⇨ Instead of “That font isn’t right,” try “I think I want a cleaner font, I found this one that I like - can we go in this direction?”

  3. Trust the professional.
    You almost hired your cousin’s sister’s boyfriend’s aunt, but instead you chose to hire someone who does logos professionally. We want your feedback - but designers know what doesn’t work and what isn’t modern, and we know what’s going to be long lasting versus just trendy. If you hear us say, “We recommend that…” take that advice to heart.

  4. More research and examples are okay!
    If we go past round three on your logo, you’ll get the inevitable direction to revisit the vision board. A picture is worth 1000 words - meaning if you can show rather than tell, we’ll go farther! Specific samples of palettes you like, or fonts you like will help narrow down aesthetic. Client homework is important - we aren’t mind readers, though that’d make things so much easier!