The Let's Go Launch: Splitting Business, Staying True to Values

Welcome to Let’s Go!

I started freelancing in April of 2015. it’s hard to believe that it’s almost been four years that I’ve been self-employed. During these incredible four years, I’ve learned so much about my business, myself, and my processes as a designer.

My freelancing life started as just myself (and I went by a different name!). I had no LLC, no business goals. I worked long days to gain experience and made a ton of mistakes. So many mistakes.

Mistakes, and even the misery they bring along, are what fuel growth. When I say I have ‘experience,’ I mean it in an honest and powerful way, because it’s backed with four years of insane ups and downs. I bring my small business and new company experiences to all of my clients, helping them with more than just design. One day last year, I realized with a shock that I was no longer a flailing, newbie designer. This thing that I’d cultivated, a clientele that I truly cared about and a values I stuck to no matter what, was suddenly larger than myself. I brought on a truly great team to help with my growing graphic and site design need, and then I saw that it had the potential to turn into a studio: Let’s Go Studio.

Don’t worry, I’m still keeping O + CO. My business has grown to the point that I saw a necessary split in audience. On one side, the personal portfolio side, I do UX, UI, infographics, ebook creation, packaging, and other graphic design solutions. These things I through design partners such as The Eddy or Inspry, and are often billed hourly. My O+CO portfolio will become a playground of sorts for my creative expression.

The other side of my business is purely Squarespace and Logo creation. The past two years, I’ve done close to 20 different Squarespace sites, and 75% of them have a custom logo, designed by me as well! This site + logo process became routine, as I joyfully walked clients through a fun creation process, treating them as partners and honoring their vision. This niche found me - I didn’t search for it. Squarespace was a destination I arrived at after clients guided me there organically.

Small business branding and Squarespace design are now things that I’m going to focus on more clearly, with targeted content and advice: now called Let’s Go Studio! “I” have become a “we.”

Let’s Go Studio is a small business solution for web presence and branding.

We love small businesses. No, really. We love them so much that, under the Let’s Go umbrella, that’s the only type of client we’ll take! We excel at launching new sites and logos under a bundled package, plus offering affordable add-ons to support business growth.

We’re a one-stop-shop for new launches and new growth, and we’d be honored to work with you.

If you’re still reading this far, we can’t possibly leave you without a list + homework!

Let’s Go Studio has values. All small businesses should have these, and they should be treated like a north star. Your values should always be at the helm of any major decisions or client acquisitions. Here’s ours, but we’d love to hear about yours - leave a comment here or on our instagram - and we’ll feature a few in our next article!

The core values of Let’s Go Studio:

Life comes before work. Family is more important than digital graphics, than deadlines. We chose this lifestyle because we’re not saving lives - thank goodness! We’re bringing beauty into this world calmly and peacefully - so clients with their hair on fire aren’t a good fit.

Partnership is vital. We peek into our clients’ brains before we start work, and consider their goals and aesthetic before our own.. Always. We’ll never dive into a project without making sure we’re on the same page. It’s their vision, not ours.

Experience means value. We know our worth - we know the experience that is behind this studio. We are toeing the line between affordability and value and respect the years it took to get us here!

Being a good person is free. We aren’t cruel, harsh, or mean to our clients. We treat others as we want to be treated. We honor your process and communication methods, as we hope you honor ours.

We appreciate the support as we grow into this next chapter of business - Let’s Go!