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Let’s Go Logo!

The following form is designed to help us learn more about your brand and aesthetic! Client homework is essential to the process, because it gets you invested in your brand and allows us to peek into your brain. This process will take 10-15 minutes to complete - please take the time to fill it out thoughtfully!

At the end, you'll see I also request about 5-10 images on a Pinterest board or shared in an email of logos that you love, emulate the style you want, or has components (either fonts or colors) that you love.

A sample Pinterest board can be found here.

Name *
What are we designing? For example, if your company is "Company, LLC" we probably would only design "Company."
Let it all out!
Take a moment and really tell me what you're seeking in a logo. This can be emotions you want it to convey, someone else's logo you really admire, or what you really hate about your existing logo.
And finally - go forth and hunt! I'd love to see 5-10 logos you would like to see as inspiration. This can be a Pinterest board, a collection of photos, etc. They don't all have to be related to your field - you can show me what inspires you in general. Fonts, colors, and more! Have fun! *