Monthly Maintenance Plans

Need a helping hand every month? don’t have the time?

Let’s go offers monthly Squarespace maintenance plan! No commitment required - opt in at the beginning of the month!

The plan is a reactive helping hand to all your needs - posting blogs, updating pages and content, helping with SEO strategy and more.


The maintenance plan Details:

  • We promise to look and check in with your site once a week.

  • Up to 3 blogs posted for you monthly - including SEO tagging and reading through copy

  • Unlimited small changes to your site! Updating text, swapping out images, and more!

  • 1 new page designed per month if needed!

  • Monthly analytics report that features your SEO and traffic analyzed with suggestions to improve!


What if I don’t need maintenance one month?

The maintenance plans are opted in at the beginning of the month. If you need to pause one month, just let us know!

What if I need more than the 3 blogs or more than 1 page designed?

We would go into our hourly rates! Or, you can strategize to spread those pages out per month for a slower burn.

How fast do you get to the changes?

On the maintenance plan, your edits are prioritized - we try to get to them within 48 hours!

Wait - isn’t this all stuff I could do myself?

It absolutely is! We offer this service for the busy, the technically-challenged, and for those who want to maybe push design a little further. If you’d prefer to learn how to do everything, we do offer 1 hour consultation / teaching sessions! Just reach out for more information!