We specialize in Squarespace & Brand Design. 

Let’s Go Studio is a one-stop Site & Brand shop for small businesses - meaning we have your web presence on lock, and on a budget.

When working with us, you’re getting best SEO practices, a mobile-optimized site, and excellent design. We focus on small businesses - that means 3 employees or less. We excel when we’re working 1-on-1 with business owners who are starting fresh out of passion, because that’s exactly what we did, too.


Squarespace Design

We’ve been working in Squarespace for four years! We’ve seen it grow from a small web platform to a robust solution for small businesses. Squarespace has been a wonderful home to dozens of sites we’ve built. Reach out to us!

Logo / Brand Design

We’re not going to lie - we cringe a bit when thinking about the phrase “logo” without “brand.” We focus on your vision as a whole, and not just a mark. Your brand is so much more than a logo. It’s fonts, colors, and your personality and aesthetic. The mark is going to represent you as a business all across all your platforms. Reach out to us!

Marketing, Packaging, and Graphic Design

Need a social media pack to promote your brand? We’re there! Need stellar packaging design to accompany your new logo? We do that, too! We’d love to help with all of your graphic design needs. Reach out to us!


Wordpress / Shopify Design

Yes, we do work in other platforms! We work with Wordpress’ Elementor and Shopify. If you’re needing something a bit larger than the norm, we do custom quotes! Reach out to us!

Our Process

  • Client Homework

    Yup, you read that right! Our process centers around client homework, which ensures that you become the focus of the process. It's your brand, not ours!

  • Expertise & Efficiency

    Once the homework is turned in and we have ample time to fully soak in your vision, we get started. Design, websites, branding - it's all in our wheelhouse, and is our passion.

  • Delivery

    What now, what now? You've got a site and a brand, now what do you do with them? We'll arm you with the tools to succeed and flourish.