The Let’s Go Team

Let’s Go Studio is led by Olivia Lopez. Previously O + CO (and you can still check out her personal portfolio here), Olivia’s Squarespace and Branding success reached new heights, enabling her to create a studio centering around helping small businesses grow with small business budgets. By niching into small business, she is able to help brands grow quickly and efficiently. Her team helps with writing, data entry and management, and design.


Olivia Lopez

Owner + Designer

Olivia specializes in small business design - honing in on the needs and challenges that they face. She excels in packaging web and brand design, so that her users get a cohesive experience. Thriving in Atlanta, GA, Olivia enjoys traveling with her husband, working with her cats, and attempting to learn gardening.

The Let’s Go Team


Emily Fennell


Emily’s a stellar UI/UX designer, who is also highly skilled in branding and Squarespace sites! She offers fresh perspective and always checks Olivia’s work with a critical eye.


Virginia Spears Watson

Maintenance Specialist, Writer

Virginia’s the maintenance specialist, meaning when you sign up for a maintenance plan, she’s behind the scenes checking that your site is running smoothly.


Charlotte Hutto

Data Management

From blog migration to bookkeeping, Charlotte does all the managerial tasks. She loves spreadsheets and can handle even the most tangled old sites.


Our Partners

We partner with other great brands all the time! Whether it’s graphic design work or white labeled logos, we love working with other brands to fill their design needs.