White Label Logos

You have clients, we have designers!

Want to hire a designer to create a logo under your brand name? We know that web design is a different beast from brand design. You might need to focus all of your attention on a great site while another designer helps with the branding. Or maybe creating a logo from scratch is just not in your wheelhouse. Enter: Let’s Go Studio!

We do the logo / brand work under your name. There’s no ego around credit for the branding, just a love for good design. The logo won’t go on our portfolio unless we get approved permission!

Example of a mini style guide - a one-sheet document with everything your client needs!

Example of a mini style guide - a one-sheet document with everything your client needs!

The Package

The white label logo package is $550, paid at the end of the project! This logo comes with:

  • three logo directions! these directions will be different roads your client could go down and have their own research color palettes and stock vision

  • three revisions per logo before we ask the client to revisit the vision board / form

  • all formats of the logo (knocked out, square, icon-only, favicon, etc)

  • a mini-style guide of fonts, hex colors, icons, and any other assets used in logo creation

Our team LOVES working with Olivia at Let’s Go Studio in creating great brands for our clients! The uniquely efficient and effective process makes it easy for our studio to provide additional value to our clients in need of a new brand. Olivia is a true partner in our work, providing great insights so we can guide our clients toward a brand solution that truly works for them.
— Sarah Moon

The Process

How do we get there? There is client homework up front! We require a form and Pinterest board for every logo project. We’re happy to provide a Google Survey version of the form that is clean and non-branded so your client thinks they’re filling it out for you! The Pinterest board must include several images pertaining to the client project. Either you or the client must complete both items before the project can begin.

what about Other Designs my client needs?

Well, this is the short and sweet logo package - but for white label folks, we also offer:

  • $150 for a business card design (3 design options, two revisions, exporting file)

  • $250 for a social media pack (all social headers, 8 square graphics, 8 rectangle graphics)



Other FAQs

How long does a logo take?

We’ll need a week and a half after the homework has been completed to provide the first directions of the logo. After that, we pride ourselves in delivering edited logos within two business days, unless the client has elaborate feedback requests. If all goes well, a logo can be done within the span of two weeks! If the client delays feedback, it could take much longer.

What if my client hates the logo?

We’ve been doing logos for over seven years. In that span of time, we’ve been through several situations where the client doesn’t connect with the first rounds. That’s okay! We request that the client use concrete feedback to describe what they don’t like, revisit their Pinterest board to ensure accuracy, and perhaps share examples of other logos that they do like. We don’t penalize opinions unless the client didn’t commit to their homework up front.

Will you talk to my client for me?

Nope! This is the white label program, meaning the design and management is coming from your brand and your voice. The reason this program works so well is that you, the web designer and project manager, are filtering client feedback into manageable tasks for us, and we provide you with expert services to add onto your web design. If we communicate with the client, that defeats the point!

How do I get started?

We’re so glad you asked! Reach out to olivia@letsgo.studio with your project details, and we’ll get this show on the road!